The two Studio packages are designed to provide you with a “venue” for your event and the inclusions form what would be your usual AV setup for that live event. The Studio can be used as a space to record messages that can be edited and then hosted on your websites or sent out to employees or delegates at a later date. Or as a broadcast space with the added technical elements required to livestream your presentations, awards or live music!


It may be the case that you or your clients’ organisations subscribe to online streaming platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo Livestream, Facebook etc and may have access to webinar versions of Zoom or GoTo Meeting and even have dedicated events website already setup that can host your streams and this is great. We can send the studio feed straight to those with the kit included in the studio. If not, these are services we are more than happy to support with.


If you’d like to send out your event live from the studio, it’s likely you will need a platform that can be privatised for your attendees such as Vimeo Livestream which can be password protected, or more open platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Live. Additional equipment to facilitate these live streams start with a capture card and additional Macbook to host the stream content itself. Separate charges may apply for using the hosting platforms.


“Content is Key” and “Death by PowerPoint” are phrases we will all be familiar with in the world of events, but these are arguably even more relevant and important in the realm of virtual events. With little other visual input from your surroundings in a virtual environment, what’s happening on screen needs to be interesting and dynamic to ensure and maintain engagement. Little changes such as adding banners across the bottom of the screen to announce who the presenter is, like you see on the news can make big differences. We are happy to provide suggestions for little ways your design team can help animate the content, or we can help design these alongside slide templates, graphics and overlays if required.


While live events are new territory for many, it may be worth considering pre-recording certain elements of your event to mitigate risks where possible. You may have a few select presenters live in the studio but incorporate pre-recorded updates from speakers from elsewhere or other locations around the world who aren’t able to travel. In these instances, we can help with recording their addresses to be used during the live event. Likewise, if you are hosting an awards ceremony, it may not be practical to have live acceptance speeches from all winners but you could choose some key awards and have them dial in live to make an acceptance then weave in some pre-recorded messages from sponsors or charity partners for example. Our team can support with equipment for recordings where required and the equipment and platforms needed to host live dial-in speakers. 


Your event may have a custom website ready made for registering and hosting information about your original live event. In this scenario, your IT team may be able to take a simple link from us or the hosting platform and embed this into your website for your delegates to login and view the event, needing little to no additional support from us.

You may also wish to have a more open event where it is all hosted from your company Facebook page and access is available to all, making access for delegates and setup minimal and straightforward.


If your event needs to be more private or needs to stick closely to brand guidelines then we would recommend creating a specific pop-up website for your event. These can include registration pages to gather attendee information, branded landing pages that can host the video of your live event, embedded features such as for polls and audience interaction with the presenters and even sub-pages to host breakout space content. If this is something you would like some more information or support with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Platforms we use in the live-event world to help audiences interact with speakers such as can still be incorporated into your virtual space. The polls and Q&A interfaces can be easily embedded into your event website or can be used on delegate phones whilst they view the event on their laptops. Chat functions and even event apps can still be great tools to run alongside your live stream to encourage feedback and interaction. There is an ever evolving variety of other creative and offline solutions people are inventing to keep people feeling like they’re getting a “real” experience from the online events. Your event agency partners will have some great suggestions and we can direct you to some great resources if you’re after some new ideas in this area. 


Any presenters with experience in a TV studio environment will be familiar with the presence of an autocue system and may even request this facility as part of their participation in your event. For those that are less experienced in a studio environment, autocue may be a welcomed support in an unfamiliar situation. This is a solution that can be easily added to your chosen Studio package.

In addition to autocue support, we can also provide show callers to help keep the flow of your event to time and ensure links are tight and run as smoothly as possible.

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