The Studio is designed as a step up from the Studio Lite package and offers increased technical support and a more dynamic look. Without the intimidation of a full-scale live event set, this is the perfect solution for a smaller budget and allows for a vastly improved visual impact upon that of an at-home Zoom call environment. The space includes a sleek circular stage which can be utilised in a number of ways; perhaps left empty of furniture to allow for presenters to roam freely and allow for sophisticated camera tracking to  keep viewers engaged, or for more formal addresses a range of branded or unbranded lecterns can be provided.  The space can also function well for a twin-host setup as the stage size allows for the two to remain appropriately distanced but still enables the ability to interact more naturally in a live environment.

The Studio is a great way to begin enhancing your online event offering and can be adapted to suit a variety of event types and presenting styles such as awards, conferences, product launches and even music festivals. If you’d like to discuss how The Studio might work for your next online event, please feel free to contact a member of our friendly team.

The Studio package includes the following provisions:


  • Dedicated car park

  • Dedicated entrance and toilet facilities

  • Tea & coffee making facilities

  • Wi-Fi

  • 230sqm black box studio space


  • A professional audio system including foldback speakers for presenters to hear themselves back on stage

  • 2x wireless microphones for presenter use (additional mics can be added at a bolt-on cost)

  • Wired crew communications

  • Playback facilities of jingles, walk-on music for hosts and any background or holding music required whilst guests join

  • Digital mixing consoles to ensure a professional sounding feed goes out to guests


  • The Studio comes complete with a professional lighting rig that can be colour changed throughout the event to suit the mood and theme of presentations as well as providing a flattering light to highlight presenters on stage


  • The Studio setup offers a 3.6m circular podium-style stage, sized to allow for up to two presenters to sit or stand comfortably at an appropriate distance

  • The stage is neatly finished with a solid black fascia and modern grey carpet to the top


  • Large curved digital stage backdrop to display custom branding behind your presenters

  • 2x high powered laptops to run any PowerPoint slides that will be mixed with the livestream from the Studio

  • 1x Macbook Pro for video content playback

  • 2x Professional cameras positioned to allow for more interesting angles and engaging the presenter with the audience

  • 2x 65” comfort monitors for presenter use

  • High-end vision mixing equipment


  • 1x Vision Engineer

  • 1x Audio Engineer

  • 1x Camera Operator

Click here to view our studio comparison chart.

Additional crew are added where required to facilitate any extra requirements or add-ons you may want to include to complete your online event experience.

Check out our Services page for a list of additional support we can offer such as Livestream hosting, custom website creation to host your event from and Q&A platform integrations like Sli.do.

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