The Studio+ package is a step up from The Studio experience and  looks to offer everything you would expect from a high-impact stage set at large-scale live events; minus the live audience of course! The huge 14m wide LED screen backdrop wouldn’t be out of place at a high-end tech product launch and a sophisticated control system allows for full customisation.  


The options are endless and the LED screen is yours to personalise. Your PowerPoint slides can be floated over the top of a custom animated full-width backdrop, accompanied by a camera feed of a remote presenter to allow for interaction between the live host and dialed in presenter. Or perhaps you would like the screen to host a live twitter feed, sli.do poll or any audience-engagement tool of your choosing alongside your key messaging.  


The 16m wide screen is complemented by an equally impressive 11m wide stage which allows for great flexibility in presenting style to mimic the live event format and keep your online audience as engaged and animated about the messaging as possible. The length of the stage and screen could be used to take your audience on a journey with your host starting at one end of the stage and travelling the length accompanied by slide content, morphing to video content along the way, before finally handing over to a second host located further along at the podium stage who could be ready to wrap-up and take audience questions.


The above is just one example as to how the space can be used. The options are vast and we hope that The Studio+ can offer you a setup that allows for a presentation style and quality as close to the live-event solution as we can get, whilst keeping audiences and presenters safe and distanced until the time comes that we can move to more hybrid solutions with part-live attendance and even full scale live audience events again.

The Studio+ package includes the following provisions:


  • Dedicated car park

  • Dedicated entrance and toilet facilities

  • Tea & coffee making facilities

  • Wi-Fi

  • 230sqm black box studio space


  • A professional audio system including foldback speakers for presenters to hear themselves back on stage

  • 4x wireless microphones for presenter use (additional mics can be added at a bolt-on cost)

  • Wired crew communications

  • Playback facilities of jingles, walk-on music for hosts and any background or holding music required whilst guests join

  • Digital mixing consoles to ensure a professional sounding feed goes out to guests


  • The Studio+ comes complete with a professional lighting rig across the full width of the stage that can be colour changed throughout the event to suit the mood and theme of presentations as well as providing a flattering light to highlight presenters on stage


  • The Studio+ setup offers a large 11m wide, 3.6m deep stage space to facilitate presenter freedom of movement around the area as they would in a live-event environment

  • A 3.6m circular podium-style stage, is also incorporated to allow for up to two presenters to sit or stand comfortably at an appropriate distance for more close-up addresses to camera or cutaways from the presenter on the main stage area

  • The stage is neatly finished with a solid black fascia and modern grey carpet to the top


  • Huge 16m wide, 3m Tall LED screen with large curved section. The screen is multifunctional and can be layered with branding, a custom backdrop, slide content and even Twitter feeds all at the same time

  • 2x high powered laptops to run any PowerPoint slides that will be mixed with the livestream from the Studio

  • 2x Macbook Pros for video content playback

  • 2x Professional cameras positioned to allow for more interesting angles and engaging the presenter with the audience

  • 2x PTZ remote controlled cameras for added flexibility for broadcast

  • 4x 65” comfort monitors for presenter use across the width of the stage and around the podium stage

  • Top of the range vision mixing equipment


  • 2x Vision Engineers

  • 1x Audio Engineer

  • 1x Lighting Engineer

  • 2x Camera Operators

Click here to view our studio comparison chart.

Additional crew are added where required to facilitate any extra requirements or add-ons you may want to include to complete your online event experience.

Check out our Services page for a list of additional support we can offer such as Livestream hosting, custom website creation to host your event from and Q&A platform integrations like Sli.do.

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