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custom websites and platforms


  • Registration and ticket sales options

  • Open platforms or password protected with individual user accounts

  • Options for data capture and varying levels of analytics

  • Fully brandable site and flexible design options

  • One to one and group networking options

  • Facility for keynote and breakout tracks to run on the one platform

  • Interactive exhibitor or sponsor areas

  • Polls, Q&A and note taking functions during livestreaming

  • On demand content

  • Social media integration

Choosing the right virtual ‘venue’ for your event can make all the difference in guaranteeing optimal audience engagement and event success, and as part of our Studio services we can provide a variety of microsite and platform options for your event. Where you want to elevate the streaming of your event beyond the likes of YouTube or Facebook, we can provide solutions that ensure both hosts and audiences can enjoy a personalised experience, whilst also providing a hub that can be used pre, during and post event. There are numerous benefits to using such a platform for both you and your attendees including sponsor branding opportunities, interactive features, dedicated content hubs and networking sessions. From simple branded microsites all the way through to all-encompassing event and exhibition platforms, we have solutions to suit a host of different event requirements. 

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