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Delegant Limited

Pharmaceutical Company Virtual Team Meeting

Delegant is a UK based company that brings dedication, experience, and innovation to the management of events and associations. They provide their extensive support and services to the execution of association management, conferences, clinical trial investigator meetings, virtual events, and hybrid scale events.

For several years we have worked with Delegant in providing our technical expertise to produce their live in person conferences and meetings, and more recently a highly successful hybrid event based in Dublin in March 2020. This event was the first of its kind for Delegant where considerations for the growing COVID-19 pressures and restrictions had to be combined with the desire for engagement, creativity, and impact.
In September 2020, the current climate continued to impose further roadblocks upon the execution of live and hybrid events, but with Delegant’s client still needing to convene to discuss important updates on a company wide scale, they once again asked for our help in taking their client’s meeting fully virtual. Both Delegant and their client wanted to elevate the virtual team meeting above and beyond the likes of zoom to ensure a slick and professional ‘event’, whilst also incorporating speakers and guests from across Europe. These were to include individual presenters with their slide content and group discussion panel sessions.

We worked closely with Delegant from the outset to bring the pharmaceutical team meeting to life in its new virtual form. Calling upon our suite of technical expertise and experience we provided both Delegant and their client with peace of mind, and a solution that truly delivered the additional production value and creativity that Delegant were seeking. The end result included comprehensive management of a panel session, the ability for interactivity with viewers via chat functions and polls, and the simultaneous streaming of speakers and slides in a creative and engaging manner. A bespoke microsite was also created to host the event, providing a professional ‘venue’ and hub for agenda information, speaker biographies and post event materials including the livestream on demand and downloadable copies of presentations. Overall, the event was a great success, with both Delegant and their client commenting on the seamless and professional nature of the final live stream despite several last-minute changes.

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