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Healthcare Catalyser Addleshaw Goddard

Addleshaw Goddard live stream their Healthcare Catalyser event from INNSiDE Live

With over 240 year’s experience operating in 94 countries and with over 1200 lawyers Addleshaw Goddard pride themselves upon their ability to provide imaginative solutions to pivotal business problems. They believe in minimal fuss, maximum results and simple answers, and this model has enabled them to assist over 2500 clients across 8 different sectors and win a multitude of awards and accolades. They embody very much an ‘in it together culture’ and this is infused throughout as they provide the highest level of service to their clients.

With the COVID19 restrictions continuing to put live events on hold, but with Addleshaw Goddard still wanting to communicate and connect with their internal teams and clients, with some hesitation and scepticism they reached out for our help in devising a virtual solution to do just that. Addleshaw Goddard had an aim to communicate key messages, updates on how the pandemic has impacted and continues to impact the healthcare sector and forecasting for the year ahead. They wanted to reach their internal teams and clients in an engaging and impactful way, with a production value far superior to that of a zoom call. The brief also included the requirement for pre-recorded footage of interviews with their clients that were to be filmed, edited and seamlessly woven into the agenda alongside a panel discussion and guest presenters. The virtual event was then to be streamed out live to viewers via an online platform. High on their list of priorities was to ensure the overall professional look and feel to the broadcast, making sure that it emulated the simple and slick reputation that AG are known for, whilst also incorporating engaging and alternative methods of delivery to keep the broadcast lively and interesting.

From the outset we worked closely with their team from vision through to reality and not only assisted with the live day filming and delivery but provided assistance with the creation of content pre event. This included the recording of interview footage with their clients across the country, post-production and also the creation of a greenscreen forecasting segment. This ensured continuity and the overall professional look and feel of the production.

As show day came around, our INNSiDE Live studio solution was the perfect fit for Addleshaw Goddard’s brief and provided them with a versatile and professional studio from which to stream their Healthcare Catalyser event. We provided Addleshaw Goddard with a full set up comprising of an industry standard studio package, show caller, autocue, vMix Production rack for vision and livestream control, dedicated camera man and skilled technical operators.

The running order included a combination of pre-recorded green screen footage, pre-recorded interviews and content live from the studio. Addleshaw Goddard had invited external guest speakers from across the sector to present and partake in a panel and live Q&A session which was hosted live from the studio and incorporated the use of iPads to facilitate the Q&A.

The outcome was a minimal fuss, but maximum result broadcast that truly embodied AG’s simple but effective approach to business. Various types of content were effortlessly woven together to make for an engaging and informative broadcast enabling AG to connect with their teams and clients during a time when interactive and engaging communication on a wider scale has seemed near impossible. We were able to alleviate any nervousness and scepticism surrounding their confidence in virtual events and following such a successful pilot event for Addleshaw Goddard they now have a newfound faith in virtual events and hope to plan more in the future.

- INNSiDE Live Studio package
- Show caller
- Autocue incl amends to script on live day
- vMix Production rack to control screen system, livestream and to bring in a remote caller who couldn’t attend the studio due to Covid restrictions
- Content creation incl filming, editing and post-production of client interviews
- Creation of pre recorded green screen footage
- iPads to facilitate script and live Q&A
- Behind the scenes filming during rehearsals on live day incorporated into broadcast

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